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University Place Carpet Cleaning

University Place Carpet Cleaning

Xtreme Clean Carpet Care has served University Place for over 10 years. We employ professional carpet cleaning equipment and just as importantly we tale the necessary time to  effectively cleansing your carpets and upholstery. Professional van mounted equipment, high temperature cleaning solution removes the most stubborn soil and allergens. Powerful vacuum removes the dirt and water. Our professional and courteous technicians ensure your carpets are deep down clean.

When you hire Xtreme Clean you can be certain that we care enough to satisfy our customers; Always feel free to ask any questions about your carpet cleaning before, after or while we are cleaning. Clean carpets and our satisfaction is are always our goal. We are the best carpet cleaners near you.

Call us in University Place with questions or for an estimate at 253-359-8962

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile is one of the fastest growing segments of home flooring fast market. Areas that have typically been carpeted are giving way to porcelain and ceramic tile. With time, as with any flooring, tile and grout can become harder to keep clean. Soiled tile begins to appear dull while buildup in grout can become very difficult and time consuming to remove. If you did not have your floors grout sealed (many do not) when it was installed its quite possible that the porous nature of the grout has allowed oils, grease and spills to absorbed into it. Often, restorative measures may be required to improve its appearance.

This may involve an additional step in the tile cleaning process: An acidic compound is used to etch away a small layer of the grout to expose a fresh unstained layer, assuming the stain has not penetrated too deeply within the grout. If sever staining is present then a color sealing process may be necessary to restore the appearance of the grout. Continued…

Tile Cleaning University Place
Tile floor cleaning

If the grout has become stained and discolored, or if you would simply like to give your flooring a fresh new look, color sealing not only stain proofs and protects but can dramatically alter the appearance of your flooring. A penetrating sealer, either clear or colored will make it easier to clean and maintain your tile flooring while prolonging it lifespan.

Bathroom tile also can benefit by having a sealer applied. Whenever unprotected grout lines in a shower or counter top are exposed to moisture, it is absorbed into the grout and can take many hours to evaporate. While wet the grout is a perfect environment for bacteria, and mildew. Over time the repeated soaking and prolonged drying of unprotected grout can lead to weakening of the tile, eventually requiring repairs. If you have your tile professionally cleaned on a regular basis scrubbing grout lines will be a thing of the past and maintenance can be performed easily by you with mild cleaning agents. Call us for a free inspection and demonstration. For estimates for tile cleaning call 253-359-8962.