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Tile and Grout Cleaning and sealing in Tacoma
Are your tiled floors beginning to show buildup of soil? Does the grout no longer look its original color, dark and dingy? When scrubbing your floors will not brighten your tiled surfaces with store bought products its probably time to hire the professionals. Powered by the high heat of our truck mounted steam we can restore the those grout lines and leave your tile looking clean and beautiful again.

Our Process consists of pre-treating both tile and grout with a mild alkaline solution giving special attention to darkened grout lines. We then allow dwell time for the solution to break down built up and ground in soil. If necessary we manually scrub individual grout that requires extra attention.

We use a self enclosed rotary floor that sprays a high temperature high pressure solution directly onto the surfaces. Without splattering it agitates, cleans and extracts dirt and soils removing them and sending the moisture to a tank in the truck mount van tank. Without splattering it leaves your tile clean and only slightly damp.

Sometimes it may be necessary to apply a safe acid solution to which can remove stains that have penetrated grout lines which may no longer retain their seal and can be difficult to remove with standard alkaline cleaning products.

Finally we recommend a sealer be applied after cleaning to keep your tiled floor and grout looking its best and preventing grout line from being easily stained by daily use.

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