August Carpet Cleaning Specials

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our cleaning process leaves your carpet damp to the touch. While we clean, portable air movers can be placed to accelerate drying. With good air circulation carpets should be dry in 3-5 hours. We offer plastic shoe covers so that while your carpets are drying you may walk about your home.

The factors that can affect dry time include:

Air circulation and humidity – with low humidity and good air movement in the home moisture is carried away more rapidly. We recommend using ceiling fans and opening windows if possible.

Level of soil – if a carpet is heavily soiled additional water is required to clean carpet and can take a little longer to dry.

Yes! We use the best professional cleaning products in the world. Our most asked for cleaning product is Soapfree; If you are sensitive to cleaning products in general, you will love the odorless, safe, non toxic, yet powerful cleaning ability of Soapfree.
It is important to understand the difference between spots and a stains:

A spot is foreign material (soil, liquid, etc.) that is on or around the carpet fiber. Our powerful truck mounted system thoroughly removes dirt, grease, oil and previous residues – foreign material on or around the carpet fiber.

A stain is any foreign material (soil, liquid, etc.) that has penetrated into the fiber and has changed or damaged it. Under certain conditions some carpet fiber types, such as nylon or wool, are susceptible to staining. Using special treatments we have good success at removing difficult stains such as coffee, tea, juice and pet spots but because of the nature of stains we cannot always guarantee complete removal.

In the majority of cases spots should NOT come back after professional carpet cleaning. Spots may reappear or carpets can look as if they are not very clean are If spills, spot removers or the cleaning solution used by portable cleaning machines are not thoroughly removed. All of these things can penetrate through the carpet into the pad.

While the carpet may look clean initialy these residues can ‘wick’ up to the surface as the carpet dries. When the residues are left on the surface they attract soil causing rapid re soiling. If this occurs a special neutralizing rinse is required to remove them and carpets must be dried very quickly to prevent any remaining residues under the carpet from wicking up.

Xtreme Clean utilizes only the best professional carpet cleaning equipment and products. We thoroughly clean your carpets removing dirt, spills and soil attracting residues to minimize the possibility of reappearing spots.

Your carpets will not only be cleaner but will STAY cleaner, longer. We are so confident in our cleaning process that we offer our customers a 14 day Guarantee*

If any spots reappear within 14 days of our cleaning we will return and touch them up – no charge!

*Only applies to areas cleaned during visit and does not apply to new spots or spills

Most carpeting is engineered to hide soiling to a degree. Because of this your carpets can contain a significant buildup of soil even if they don’t look bad (regular vacuuming can help minimize buildup). If you wait until your carpet looks heavily soiled you have waited too long. As soil builds up daily foot traffic is grinding it into the carpet fibers causing wear and damage. This often will show itself as traffic patterns, especially in walkways and frequently used rooms. With certain types of carpet this wear can give the appearance of being dull or soiled even if the carpet is clean. We recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned based primarily by how much use each room receives.


Cleaning interval guidelines: 6 – 12 months for heavy to moderate use
12 – 18 months for moderate to light use

Yes we offer Scotchguard stain protector for your carpet and furniture. It repels most liquids and soil. It keeps dirt from sticking to the fibers, making carpets and upholstery easier to keep clean.