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– Steam Cleaner Dupont Wa

Carpet Cleaning with heated cleaning solution. Powerful cleaning and rinsing of soiled carpet. Thorough removal of water and dirt equals fast drying time Quality cleaning guarantee.
Carpet cleaners Lakewood Wa provide

furniture moving using protective feet pads. Deep cleaning, professional equipment, cleaner carpets that stay clean, longer. Xtreme Clean provides superior service!

Our Deep Cleaning Method consists of using a heated cleaning solution our truck mounted process flushes soil, dirt and spills from carpet and rug fibers. The water and cleaning solution and soil is then thoroughly extracted. leaving carpets slightly damp and increasing quick drying.

For information or quotes please call 253-359-8962 for Carpet cleaning Dupont, Wa.

Lakewood upholstery cleaning

– Upholstery Cleaning

We clean most fabrics. Using the proper tools and pre treatment. Synthetic upholstery can easily be cleaned and often is far more resistant to staining; Proper identification of the fabric type is necessary as some upholstery may need to be cleaned using a dry cleaning solvent to preserve and not damage it. During inspection we determine the most effective method based on the furniture fabric type.

Professional cleaning your upholstered furniture is always the wisest choice. We recommend once every 1-2 years. Depending on the amount of use they receive. Don’t wait too long – the dirtier your sofa or love seat becomes, it can be to restore it to its original condition. Fortunately we utilize the best cleaning products and equipment, your furniture’s appearance can normally be improved no matter how long it has been since being cleaned.

Pet odors and deodorizing

– Odor Removal – Deodorizing

Pet urine can cause permanent damage to your carpet. It can also create an unhealthy indoor environment. If the affected areas are properly treated urine and stains can often be removed, minimizing or preventing potential damage. Contact us for a pre-inspection and estimate for odor removal and the probable effectiveness of treatment in your situation.

Urine is often easy to smell in damp or humid months. Because urine residue/salts attract moisture it can stay damp, giving off an odorous ammonia gas. To remove the odor you must first get rid of the urine residue in and under the carpet. The illustration below is typical of the urine treatment process where a pet has repeatedly gone in the same spot and urine has penetrated through the carpet.

pet odor removal

Our Dupont carpet cleaning customers always experience the best in professional carpet cleaning. Not only do we inspect your carpet but we give an honest evaluation that will give you an proper understanding about what you can expect concerning spots, stains and overall carpet condition. Residential customers always benefit from the quality cleaning methods we employ; Coupled with professional carpet cleaning equipment and the highest quality carpet cleaning products customers can be confident that their carpets will get as clean as possible.

Xtreme Clean Carpet cleaners services Dupont, Wa and the greater Tacoma area. We provide tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, repairs and stretching. If you manage a commercial property we encourage you to set up a maintenance schedule. We can offer competitive rates for the Lakewood area property management customers that use our our services to maintain their carpeted or tiled surfaces. Not only will you improve the appearance of high traffic areas but it will extend the usable life of your properties carpeted and tiled areas by having regular cleanings scheduled. Of course, you will save money by utilizing our services on a consistent basis.

We also provide a variety of cleaning options to suit various needs. If you have high traffic carpeted walkways that require quick drying in order to minimize interruption of daily building foot traffic our low moisture building maintenance cleaning system allows quick cleaning and drying; typically, newly cleaned carpet can be ready for normal operation within one hour. Unusually heavy soil loaded carpets may require an initial restorative cleaning process which could involve slightly longer, 2-3 hour dry time. Future maintenance cleanings can be performed with minimal cleaning and drying times.

Our Lakewood carpet cleaning customers always can count on our guarantee of satisfaction. We are determined to offer the highest quality cleaning possible and we back up our work with a no fuss return policy. Have a problem we will return and resolve it in a prompt manner. You, our customer are our most valuable asset. Let us show you how great your carpets can look again and how hassle free carpet cleaning can be. We are committed to leaving our customers with the cleanest carpets possible. For more information call 253-359-8962 with any questions you may have.

We love dirty carpets!

Sometimes carpet may seem to be beyond cleanning.

Xtreme Clean Carpet Care provides it’s carpet customers with the best carpet, upholstery, tile and grout cleaning. No matter how soiled we have a great success rate at turning what may seem like an un cleanable situation into carpet that can continue giving useful service. Our powerful steam cleaning method effectively removes greasy soil, spills and contaminants leaving carpet only damp to the touch and drying in 3-4 hours.

What is SoapFree?

SoapFree a cleaning product we offer our customers who may be unusually sensitive to the safe, effective but lightly fragrant cleaning products we use on a day to day basis. Our effective cleaning products are used for 95% of both residential and commercial Carpet cleaners Lakewood and rarely are bothersome or in any way unsafe.

Soapfree is a safe, non toxic and odorless cleaning product that is effective in removing all kinds of soils. While being gentle enough to make the carpet cleaning process an odorless cleaning option.

It does not leave soil attracting residues and helps remove previous detergent residue so that your carpets will stay clean longer.