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Carpet cleaners Puyallup

– Carpet Cleaning

All carpeted areas receive pre-treatment to loosen soil. Carpets are rinsed by high temperature water. The extraction of Cleaning solution and soil, dirt and contaminants. We offer movement of furniture – limited to light to medium weight pieces. Pre-scheduling of  appointments for your convenience. Call for free estimates – quotes.

  • Powerful Deep Cleaning

    High temperature water is flushed through your carpets soiled fibers removing grit, grime and accidents from your soiled carpet. Our professional equipment thourougly removes the water and cleaning solution your carpet. With adequate air movement carpets are dry within a day! Call today for carpet cleaners services in the Puyallup area.

upholstery cleaner puyallup

– Upholstery Cleaning

We are not just the best Puyallup carpet cleaners we also clean couches, love-seats, seats or chairs would all be able to profit from our upholstery cleaning process. We offer and suggest Scotchgard be applied to ensure your furniture continues looking its best for months to come. Call today and ask about pricing for carpet or upholstery protector application with scotchguard.

  • Stain protection

    After cleaning, for upholstery we recommend you have Scotchgard reapplied. It defends against staining and protects against [premature wear. How much use your furniture gets will determine if you require a new application after cleaning.

Puyallup Wa tile and grout cleaning

– Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our powerful truck mounted tile and grout cleaning system can clean restore your ceramic tile by removing buildup of tough soils. We also offer clear and color sealing. Sealing protects and extends the life of grouted tile. Tile is the one of the fastest growing segments of home flooring fast market. Areas that have typically been carpeted are giving way to porcelain and ceramic tile. With time, as with any flooring, tile and grout can become harder to keep clean.

  • Tile Restoration

    Soiled tile begins to appear dull while buildup in grout can become very difficult and time consuming to remove. If you did not have your floors grout sealed (many do not) when it was installed its quite possible that the porous nature of the grout has allowed oils, grease and spills to absorbed into it. Often, restorative measures may be required to improve its appearance. If you are in the Puyallup area and would like additional information please call.

Puyallup home with dark edges
Often, especially in older homes and with light colored carpet, you will see edges along carpeted walls or stair edges that have become darkened. This darkening is referred to as Filtration Soiling. It is caused by very fine microscopic particles flowing under your carpets and up through the gaps along the walls, air vents or under doors. The carpets fibers act as a filter grabbing the airborne pollutants and producing the dark edges. This process can occur quickly or over a long period of time and is more easily seen on very light colored carpet but can also be noticed on darker carpets as well. These airborne particles can consist of many things: dust, air pollution, cigarette smoke, candles, cooking oils and more. Be certain to contact our carpet cleaners service for additional information treatments that may remove the dark edges.

In many cases the source of airflow carrying the contaminants is heating and air conditioning forcing air under your carpets an leaking through any gaps in the edges. In order to prevent filtration soiling it is necessary to seal any gaps (or leaks). This can be done by pulling up carpet and caulking the edges with silicone or using a foam insulation to block air flow.

Removing filtration soiling is a time consuming process and is sometime not possible to completely remove all of the soiling due to the fact that it often penetrates deep into the backing. When you have your carpets cleaned the technician will generally pre-treat spots and spills and can also pre-treat the lines along baseboards. Depending on the type of pre-treatment used you can usually expect some moderate improvement, however to make a significant impact special treatment is often required; followed by manually scrubbing the soiled edges with an agitation device such as a brush. The final step requires heavy flushing of the treated lines so that residue is not left behind. Because of the considerable time involved in treating, agitating and flushing, removing dark edges can sometimes cost a bit more than you may be willing to spend. So, the cost factor as well as the reality that complete removal of filtration is not always possible must be weighed. In the Puyallup area please call for inspection and estimates.