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Steam Cleaning Services

    • Carpet Cleaning

      Truck mounted steam cleaning

    • Pre conditioning treatment

      Before we clean we apply a stain removing pretreatment to help loosten soil ans assist in thoroughly removing soil.

    • Yes! We move furniture

      We move furniture such as sofas, love seats, chairs, end table and smaller items. We do not move very heavy furnitings such as book shelves or entertainment centers.

    • Upholstery Cleaning

      We can clean most upholstered furniture using our truck mount system and special cleaning tool.

    • Pet odor treatment

      We can spray a odor neutralizing deodorizer that not only helps eliminate most odors but also disinfects, killing germs and bacteria.

    • Carpet stretching and repair

      Have you noticed ripples or buckling in your homes carpets. We can stretch carpet removing unsightly trip hazards

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    Xtreme Clean services Spanaway, Tacoma, Dupont, JBLM, Lacey, University Place, Puyallup, Federal Way, Fife,  Auburn, Edgewood, Kent and Maple Valley Wa.

    Xtreme Clean Carpet Care of Tacoma

    SoapFree Carpet Cleaning

    “It is “tough on dirt, easy on people.”

    For the best carpet cleaning services
    our professional truck mounted steam cleaning system removes soil and other contaminants by flushing and extracting your carpets fibers with a heated cleaning solution; It effectively removes soils, spills and oily grease spots from your carpet. Deodorizes,  sanitizes while leaving your carpets smelling fresh and clean.  

    The SoapFree carpet cleaner. SoapFree is safe and effective and contains no harsh chemicals or solvents making it the best choice for residential and commercial applications. No extra rinsing required—fast drying and residue free. Have your carpets cleaned without using harsh chemicals.For a cleaner and healthier home, we use the most effective cleaner on the market that is non-toxic, fragrance-free and clear rinsing;

    SoapFree Miracle Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner. A technologically advanced formula, SoapFree™ leaves carpets cleaner, softer and drier, for a difference you can feel. With just one cleaning, SoapFree™ removes pre-existing shampoos lurking in your carpet. SoapFree™ contains no soap, therefore, no residue and no reappearing spots! Your carpets will dry cleaner and faster!

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    Why choose Xtreme Clean?

    You get deep cleaning, fast drying carpet and upholstery cleaning. Resulting in a clean, healthy home environment. Clean carpets mean a fresh clean home. Xtreme Clean has serviced the greater Tacoma area for over ten years. You can trust that you will receive a quality cleaning service with honest pricing, no hidden fees or charges. Our customers receive thorough and professional service.
    We use professional truck mounted cleaning; The steam cleaning process also known as hot water extraction deep cleans, and leaves your carpet cleaner, longer. Our Soapfree Carpet Cleaning solution is non toxic and safe for your family, children and animals. When you use our carpet cleaning services you can be assured by our experience commitment to providing you, our loyal customers with the best carpet cleaning services in the greater Tacoma and surounding areas.

    Carpet cleaners Tacoma

    Our professional truck mounted cleaning flushes a hot cleaning solution through your carpets fibers breaking down and removing allergens, soil and other contaminants that build up over the course of normal use. Not every cleaning company utilizes the proper equipment and products that will ensure deep down clean that will ensure long lasting clean without leaving any soil attracting residues. Our technicians take the time to be certain the most efficient removal or dirt, grime and spills. We care committed to leaving your carpets as clean as possible – your complete satisfaction i always our number one goal. We love to have customers call again when your carpet require a refreshing. When we get referrals and repeat calls we know we are doing top quality work that is what Xtreme Clean is known for. Call today for no obligation estimate.

    Deep clean - Steam cleaning

    Steam cleaning – The most effective cleaning method recommended

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    Payments accepted for cleaning services

    We support our troops! Ask about our Military Discount when you call.

    Competitive prices: The truth is when you invest wisely, we get what we pay for. Beware of unbelievably low prices. Some carpet cleaning companies use pricing strategies that are unethical. They prey upon the poor, elderly and uninformed. Call the cheapest company you can find, and your are certain to get a promise of a low priced deep cleaning; Unfortunately you will often receive a quick, less than thorough cleaning that wastes your time and money.

    It only makes sense that the lowest priced services, will turn out to be more money than quoted or will likely not give you the thorough cleaning you desire. Such a ‘wet and jet service’ can leave your carpets and furnishings in a worse state then before!

    Choosing a “Big Name” cleaning company is also no guarantee of deep cleaning, reliable carpet cleaning services; In fact a locally owned carpet cleaning business with years of experience will be more likely to be motivated in when it comes to satisfying their customers versus the large franchise’s that you see so often advertised.

    If you choose a well known carpet cleaners with large marketing budgets there is no guarantee you will receive the quality cleaning should expect and receive especially at the high cost of services typical of a franchise.

    Local business owners such as Xtreme Clean Carpet Care have a great interest in satisfying their customers completely. Not only so they will use their services in the future but because satisfied customers spread the good work and value by ‘word of mouth’ to friend, family co-workers and is far less costly to advertise.

    We and have built the reputation of our locally owned company since 2006. Experienced and equipped to do the job right we are a company that can be trusted to give you the great service you desire. Call us today see and feel the clean again! Ask for me personally with any questions.

    Tony Gillihan
    Xtreme Clean Carpet Care Of Tacoma

    We can give accurate estimates over the phone and after inspecting the rooms you wish cleaned we give you the final price before the work begins. No hidden fees or charges.
    Which is the best cleaning method? “Chem” Dry cleaning” or Steam cleaning”?  Shaw industries, the worlds largest manufacturer of carpet recommends “Steam Cleaning” – Research indicates that the hot water extraction system provides the best capability for removing the most soil and spots from residential and commercial carpet. This can be done from a truck-mounted unit outside the home with only the hose and wand brought inside or by a portable system brought into the home.” “Shaw warranties require that the homeowner be able to show proof of periodic cleaning by hot water extraction (commonly called “steam” cleaning) by a professional cleaning service” … Taken from

    Xtreme Clean Carpet Care uses professional Truck mounted Cleaning equipment. We employ the hot water extraction method (steam cleaning) and utilize the highest quality professional cleaning products to ensure that our customers receive the most thorough carpet cleaning possible.

    Commonly referred to as “steam cleaning, “Hot Water Extraction” is THE most effective carpet cleaning method for the majority of residential and commercial carpeting. Its effectiveness is the result of flushing a heated cleaning solution through the carpet fibers, which is then powerfully extracted into the cleaning van holding tank. The end result is complete removal of allergens, dirt, greasy oils, spills and soils. Leaving nothing but fresh clean carpet!

    Many professional carpet cleaning companies employ the cleaning method called “hot water extraction”, or as it is more commonly known: “steam cleaning”. However, steam alone does little to clean but is simply a by-product of the hot water that is forced out of a cleaning wands jets at high pressure. The true power of steam cleaning is the result of flushing action; A heated cleaning solution is forced through the carpet’s fibers, removing soil and other contaminants which then is extracted by a powerful engine driven vacuum. It all begins at the work vehicle; The heated solution (sometimes at 200 degrees F.) is pressurized by the the cleaning machine mounted in the truck or van. It is brought into your home by a high pressure hose which is then connected to the technicians cleaning wand.

    By depressing the trigger on the wand the cleaning solution is forced out of narrow jets which then flows through the carpet fibers; simultaneously cleaning and removing the pre-treatment and soil. When an area has been adequately cleaned a “dry pass” is performed to complete the removal of cleaning solution and soil; This ensures that drying of the carpet will take a minimum of time. The drying action, or extraction is made possible by a long 2″ vacuum hose connected to the wand and then to a powerful industrial blower mounted in the work vehicle. (Prior to cleaning, a technician will use the high pressure hose and an in-line sprayer to apply a pre-conditioner, this pre-treatment helps to break down heavy or greasy soils for easier removal.)

    Some potential customers are hesitant about having their carpets steam cleaned, believing that steam cleaning might damage carpet and the pad beneath it by flooding the carpet with water. Technically, you could damage the pad beneath if you just dumped water on the carpet; however, professional cleaning tools do not clean carpet by soaking the carpet and then extracting it; the best quality cleaning tools are designed to flush the face fibers of dirt and soil while simultaneously extracting the solution. The cleaning solution never penetrates deeper than the base of the fibers and cannot go beneath to the carpet pad. The steam cleaning method is also THE cleaning method recommended by most carpet manufacturers and some even require it to maintain a carpets warranty.

    There is a world of difference between professional machines and the do it your self “cleaners”. A truck mounted machine is able to flush large amounts of super heated cleaning solution through the carpet fibers and thoroughly extract both the soil and the water, leaving very little moisture behind. Most portable machines will only spray down a tap water hot cleaning solution with minimal force and have very weak suction or extraction ability which will often result in long dry times.

    There is also the fatigue factor to consider before renting or buying one of these “consumer” carpet cleaners: portable carpet cleaners tend to be heavy and require frequent emptying of the dirty water and refilling of detergent solution. Its also not uncommon to take more than a day to clean a larger home.

    There are other cleaning methods employed by professionals, such as the dry chemical method; sometimes referred to as bonnet cleaning. However most carpet manufacturers recommend the steam cleaning method as the most effective way to clean residential carpets and some even require it in order for a carpet’s warranty to remain valid.

    If you have any questions about our cleaning process or about special spot/stain removal please call us at 253-359-8962

    When pet urine is first deposited it has an acidic Ph of about 5 or 6. This is a perfect breeding condition for bacteria which then begin to break down the urine waste giving off that pungent odor that urine is famous for. After about 24 Hours the urine begins to turn from an acid to high Ph alkaline between 10 and 12 on the Ph scale, this further adds an ammonia smell to the decomposing waste. If not removed quickly the high Ph of the urine can cause permanent discoloration, especially with nylon or natural fibers such as wool.

    The sooner you act, the more likely complete removal can be accomplished.

    Here is a quick but effective way to treat fresh animal suprises: When urine that is less than 24 hours old it is in an acidic state and so the first step is to neutralize the acid which will aid in removal.

    If you have a wet vac machine handy mix 3 parts clear ammonia with 1 part water and saturate the spot for 5-10 minutes. Thoroughly extract the ammonia solution and urine with your wet vac and repeat this procedure again. If you have no means of extracting the urine then the next best solution is to use an enzyme product. There are many enzyme based products available that will digest and neutralize the bacteria that feed on urine waste. Some will also help prevent staining if the spot is acted upon quickly enough. Keep in mind that when attempting to treat the pet spots it is necessary to completely remove the source of the odor or any treatment will be ineffective. This means that thorough removal of the urine wastes that are on and under the carpet (and pad beneath) are a must for complete odor removal. Carpet cleaning Fort Lewis customers.

    If you have not had any success at removing your pet stains and the odor that comes with it, professional repair may be necessary. Sometimes the most effective way to treat urine spots is by lifting the affected carpet and removing and replacing the pad beneath. Occasionally the sub-floor can become contaminated as well as the tack strip along walls and must be treated with an odor barrier.

    Sometimes the damage can be extensive enough to warrant replacement of the carpet. We specialize in treating animal odors and stains. Call us for an appointment to inspect and estimate the cost of repair. For questions about pet issues in Tacoma call 253-359-8962

    Never scrub the carpet fibers!

    Whenever we visit our customers we can always see previous spill clean-up attempts. If too much agitation or aggressive scrubbing is applied to carpet fibers the inevitable result is texture distortion; even if you remove all of your spill you will be left with permanent wear that cannot be reversed. Always remember to apply only light pressure with clean cotton cloth and dab gently to remove spots. Another mistake occasionally made by our consumers is applying bleach to remove carpet stains.

    A BAD IDEA that may have been inspired by a previously successful attempt at stain removal on a type of carpet known as Olefin (polypropylene); Olefin is solution dyed, which makes it very stain resistant and can usually withstand the bleaching action of household chlorine bleach without dye loss. However, most nylon carpets will suffer permanent dye loss if exposed to bleach which can also easily damage the latex backing of your carpet. (Bleach will DISOLVE wool!) There is also the possibility of reactions with other household cleaning products which can cause further damage and be a health hazard. We do not recommend this method of removing stains.

    The most effective way to remove spills, (aside from calling Xtreme Clean) especially large ones, is to utilize a wet/shop vac to extract the spill. If the spill is a soft drink or juice use a heavily diluted detergent solution – a teaspoon of dish soap added to a gallon of water and apply (a trigger spray works well) heavily to the spill to remove remaining residue. Follow up with a solution of clear water consisting of 1/10 of white vinegar to neutralize the detergent solution that was initially used. Apply as before and extract thoroughly. You may also, obviously, use a portable machine such as a bisel. This is precisely what these type of machines are great for: cleaning small spills. We do not recommend trying to clean an entire home with such a machine. If you have ever attempted it we don’t need to tell you why! If you have any questions about spot or stain removal please call us at 253-359-8962.